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3Doodler Start DoodleMold Basic Set - Thekidzone
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3Doodler Start DoodleMold Basic Set

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  • NEW ACCESSORY FOR 3D SHAPES:We know some common shapes can be tricky to Doodle in 3D, that’s why we made the DoodleMolds.
  • 3D SHAPES MADE EASY:Simply Doodle onto the inside or outside surface of the DoodleMold, wait for around 20 seconds for the plastic to harden, and then peel away.
  • FOR ALL DOODLERS:This accessory is perfect for everyone, from a beginner who is trying to learn how to Doodle in 3D, or the expert who wants to create that perfect shape, every time.
  • EACH KIT CONTAINS:Each set comes with 3 DoodleMolds™ in 3 popular shapes - Sphere, Cylinder and Cone. Each DoodleMold also has 3 different dimensions.                                                                                                                                                     THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE A 3DOODLER START PEN.