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3Doodler Start-Plastic Pack

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The 3doodler is the world's first 3d printing pen, having quickly become kickstarter's most popular 3d consumer printing device. Designed by wobbleworks, inc., an emerging consumer electronics and robotics company with big ideas, the 3doodler has been created to be compact and easy to use, you simply plug the 3doodler into a power socket and start drawing anything in 3d within minutes. Whether freestyle 3d sketching or tracing shapes from templates to make larger architectural structures, anything is possible.

3Doodler Start-For use with your 3Doodler start pens. 

Each 6 inch strand gives you over 60 inches of Doodling for hours of play in each pack.

24 pieces

3Doodler Start-Plastic Pack@THEKIDZONE

  • Pen not included


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