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ToyToggle stops toys and bottles from constantly being dropped on the floor. This handy, new product (designed with moms in mind) keeps your child’s toys, bottles, sippy-cups or dummies (and more!) securely attached to their highchair, car seat or pram. They’re kept clean and within easy-reach of your child. And the best part? No more lost toys!

Toy Toggle provides a safe and effective way to keep your baby’s toys close at hand. It’s fully-adjustable to ensure it can attach to any highchair, car seat or pram and will securely hold any toy, sippy cup or snack pot.

Start with the longest strap. You’ll notice that the press studs on one side are more widely spaced. This is the side you can attach your high chair, pram, car seat, trolley or any other fixed object. Now attach the other side of the strap to the toy, teething ring or dummy.

If you need to secure a sippy cup, bottle or snack pot, attach the strap to the silicone band and then slip the band over the plastic container to secure it. 

On narrower bottles slip the silicone band around the centre of the bottle. It will still hold the bottle even if it’s slightly loose.

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