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Barbie Star Light Adventure Pets

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Based on the space story Barbie™ Star Light Adventure, this galaxy pet creature is out of this world! Join Barbie™ and her friends as they travel through a universe of sparkling stars and colorful characters. Recreate the exciting action of their space-travelling tale that describes an adventure through the galaxy -- training, traveling and saving the universe. The galaxy pet features colorful details and space accessories (non-removable). There are its yellow star antennae, a cute pink bang and blue planet-inspired ring perfect for galactic tales in space. Recreate favorite scenes from the movie or let your imagination soar! This galactic pet is ready to lift off into fun. Collect all of the dolls and accessories from Barbie™ Star Light Adventure to expand the storytelling possibilities to the ends of the universe (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes galaxy pet creature with antennae, bangs and a planet-inspired ring (non-removable). Colors and decorations may vary.

Product Code: MBD-DLT51

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