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Rummikub Turbo

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The well-known family game fast! Put the smartest combinations! Divide the dice and shake every round for as many points after 6 rounds of whom the most points is the winner! Fun, fast and challenging. Goal of the game. Play all your dice and make sure you have the most points after 6 rounds. How to play Rummikub Turbo. Shake during your turn your stones into the cup and roll them out across the table. If you can form a set, you have to put it on the table and each player can build here. There are 2 different types of sets: a row is a group of dice with 3 or 4 identical numbers in different colors A series is a group of consecutive numbers in the same color. When you throw multiple sets in one turn, you have to come in any case, one set on the table. If you can not set forms, you can build a stone at an existing row. You can also manipulate existing rows to lay as a stone. In one turn you can lay down a set, add stones to manipulate existing sets or existing sets. If after throwing the dice no dice have that you can build, your turn is over and the other player's turn. If after three times throwing both players can no set form or may impose, the game is over and the points are counted.

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