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Silverlit Robot Pokibot

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Robot POKIBOT is an innovative toy that despite the small size combines the functions of a large robot! The toy is turned on by setting the switch on the back of the toy to the ON position. Then we will hear a sound that encourages to play. There is a REC button on the robot's head and pressing it activates the recording function. We can record up to 3 short voice messages (each up to 3 seconds long), and the robot will repeat them in 3 ways, changing the voice. Once we clap, the toy repeats the recorded sound, when we clap more than once, the robot will go forward to the sounds of music and start its work dance. Pokibot knows up to 3 different dances, and each of them is accompanied by different music. It's still not everything! The robot can be controlled using your own telephone. To do this, download a special application, and after starting it, select the appropriate robot model. The toy is available in 2 designs to choose from - a boy or girl, and each of the designs is available in 3 colors.

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