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Tekno Newborn Robotic Pet

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Tekno Newborns Interactive Kitty Cat - Pink Color Loves to play just like an 8-week-old kitty! Responds to sound and voice! Responds to your voice, touch, and hand gestures! Walks, sits, begs, AND jumps into your hand! Eyes light up when puppy is awake! Program your pet to sing! Wiggly ears and tail! Touch sensitive - makes happy sounds when you pet him/her! Interacts with you and other pets! Age Range: 3 years and up Adorable interactive robotic pet that loves to play! 2 AAA Batteries required. Batteries not included. Now kids everywhere can fall in love with these adorable interactive kitties! TEKNO NEWBORNS are sweet and adorable life-like robotic pets that know when you’re talking to them! Program your pet to walk, sit, beg, sing, and even jump into your hand! With their light up eyes, sounds, and movements, Tekno Newborns are sure capture your child’s heart.


± 9cm - Length

± 7cm - Height

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