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Zoomer Zupps Royal Tiny Pups-Litter 4

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Interact with the Zoomer Zupps, tiny puppies who respond to your touch. This adorable puppy is the perfect miniature companion for any animal lover. When you pet their head or press their noses together, the Zoomer Zupp will make sweet puppy sounds. Find out your unique Zoomer Zupp's secret trick, play a fun 'Zupp' game and hear them bark "I love you!" Featuring adorable light up eyes, spread the love with Zoomer Zupps and collect them all.

- 1 x Zoomer zupp
- 3 x LR44 batteries
- 1 x instruction sheet
- 1 x collector card

- Responds to your touch with special sensors
- Pet their head or press noses together to hear puppy sounds
- Unique secret trick
- Play a fun Zupp game
- Hear them bark "I love you!"
- Adorable light up eyes

- Approximate Dimensions: (L) 9cm x (W) 7cm x (H) 9cm
- Weight: 0.23kg
- Suitable for children ages 4 years and older

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