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LeapFrog Popping Colour Mixer Truck

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Drop a colourful ball into the mixer to change the colour of the truck. Add another ball and mix the balls together to learn how to create new colours.

  • 3 Coloured balls: 
    Children put in and take out the coloured balls from the mixer truck. The truck will change colour depending on which colours are put inside, e.g. red plus blue makes purple.
  • 2 Modes:
    Explore and learn about colours, numbers, and shapes as balls are dropped in the mixer and buttons are pressed.
    Learn how to make and mix colours as well as numbers and shapes as you take job requests from the boss.
  • Number Buttons: 
    3 number and shape buttons match the numbers and shapes on the balls.
  • Mix Button: 
    Activates the mixer to learn what colour you’ve made and hear a fun colours song.
  • Suitable for ages 6 months and older.

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