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Lego City Mining Heavy Driller 60186

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Mining Heavy Driller! Drill for gold and take samples!Drive the heavy drill deep into the tunnel and then use the shovel loader to extract the gold lumps.Empty the loader at the lab so that the geologist can analyze your find.Take a break and clean the stand with the equipment a bit from the drilling dust.Or make more of it!Beware of the giant spider on the rocks!The noise seems to displease her! You have to be quick and careful when drilling for gold because you wouldn't want to disturb the giant spider! Driling for gold is not easy.

Take your work helmet and make new discoveries with the LEGO City Heavy Drill for Mining.This amusement toy includes a working heavy drill rig with cabin for a minifigure, shovel loader, a mini-lug with gold lump elements and a mobile lab.Includes 3 minifigures and a spider figure that glows in the dark.

• Includes 3 minifigures: 2 miners and a geologist plus a spider character.
• Includes a working heavy drill rig with cabin for a minifigure and a dump truck.
• Also includes a stud with gold lump elements, a mobile lab and a buildable device holder.

Lego City Mining Heavy Driller at The Kid Zone.

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