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Baby Born Bath Hooded Towel Set

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Today, BABY born baked lots of sand cake and has muddy hands, sand is stuck to her feet and the whole doll is “decorated” with leaves and flowers. It takes a big flannel and lots of water to clean the little one again. The flannel shows droplets and Berta the rubber duck and is perfect for hanging up in the bathroom. BABY born shares the sponges with her sister. The duck for the little mucky pup, the bear sponge for the big girl. Afterwards, she wraps herself in her cosy hooded towel and thinks up further sand cake recipes.

Key Features:
  • Original clothing for the BABY born branded doll
  • Expands the possibilities for play, sparks the imagination and encourages creative role play
  • Very easy to put on and take off

BABY born Bath Hooded Towel Set consisting of a hooded towel, flannel and two little sponges.

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