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Snapstar Dolls

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Echo loves makeup, hair and nails—she shows her followers how to achieve any look from gothic punk to fairy-tale princess!
Glitter, shimmer, sparkle, metallic… Echo was born to SHINE! Although she is a natural beauty, Echo loves playing around with false lashes, stick-on gems and color contacts!
ECHO - Bedazzled Babe!

Izzy loves sketching, stitching, cutting and pasting!
Her followers can’t get enough of her how-to videos for mason-jar candle holders and friendship bracelets made of candy wrappers!
Upcycled chic: vintage tees, distressed denim, crop tops, flannel shirts and cool jumpsuits that her mom used to wear in college—Izzy likes clothes that have a story to tell!

Lola loves animals and dreams of a world without bullies. She also has a serious sweet tooth!
Lola loves pastel colors, rainbows and anything unicorn inspired!

Aspen loves photography and will go out of her way to get the perfect pic!
To her, life is an adventure and she wants to capture all the beauty that she can!
This boho babe is all about her oversized sunnies, ruffled skirts and fringed booties!
She prefers a more natural makeup look and usually opts for clear or nude polish on her nails!

Dawn LOVES fashion—she sits front row at every major runway show, is always first in line at sample sales and trunk shows; and never forgets to post her #OOTD
Bold yet sophisticated; Dawn’s look is always on-point!
She wears high-end labels but doesn’t mind scouring vintage stores for designer duds!

Yuki loves everything fast and loud: cars, motorbikes, rollercoasters—but especially her MUSIC!
Be sure to follow Yuki on social media to access her newest, unreleased songs!
Cool, edgy and unpredictable sums up her style. One day it’s big boots, moto jacket, ripped tights—the next day she’s wearing an oversized tee with platform heels and a snapback hat!
YUKI - #turnUP!

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