Zoomer Meowzies

Learn new grooves as Zoomer Meowzies Lucky Interactive Kitten shows off her musical skills. This robotic cat loves to play games of Mouse Chase and Meow Hero between singing her favorite songs. When you want to snuggle up together, give Lucky a pet on her cute, fluffy tail for sweet kisses and happy purrs. LED eyes make it easy to see how the kitten is feeling. When she is very happy, Lucky might even show you her special secret trick! Collect the rest of the Meowzies (not included) and touch their noses together to see fun interactions as the cats play games, tell jokes and sing fun songs.

Product Highlights

  • Sensors in the robotic cat's head, back and chest let her react affectionately to being petted
  • Stylish, fluffy tail swishes in happiness when Lucky is petted
  • Compete against the kitty in rousing games of Mouse Chase and Meow Hero
  • LED eyes light up to show you how Lucky feels
  • Purrs when content and makes other realistic cat noises
  • Touch her nose with Viola, Patches and Arista from the Meowzies collection (sold separately) to sing along with songs, hear the kittens' secrets, unlock new games and listen as they tell jokes for plenty of feline fun
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

What's Included

  • Zoomer Meowzies Lucky Interactive Kitten
  • Instruction booklet

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