Rescued Toys

Rescued toys are a category of toys among our HUGE variety of latest arrivals and all your kids favourite brands. 


For many years The Kid Zone has specializes in Search & Rescue! Our aim is to make sure that kids around the country are be able to play with a branded toy.  In our hunt for the best deals on big brands we SAVE toys that may never see the light of day simply because their packaging is damaged. The product is still in perfect condition and still perfectly capable of delivering a smile 😊 Should a toy qualify as a RESCUED toy,it will clearly I identifiable on the product page:



Product’s with “more than a little” damaged packaging can be recognised by their substantial discount on an already great price because our aim is, and always will be, to see to it that every kid in SA has access to branded toys ahead of perfect packaging. In other words, we pass the discounts on to you, our loyal customer!

Kindly note that these amazing deals have limited stock and cannot be repeated or sourced again should you have missed out.

Other avenues of sourcing new and exciting stock for you is by snapping up showroom and production samples of toys that did not go onto retailer shelves. We source these and label them as LIMITED EDITION so that you have the opportunity of buying toys that are not available in retail stores in South Africa.


Level Of Packaging Damage

  • Damaged

  • Least Damaged

Latest Releases

We also stock latest releases and often we get deals from our supplier on "end of range" items.  These items have no damaged packaging and are the same quality that you would get in a normal retail environment.  Unfortunately we can't always discount these toys but when we can you will definitely see the saving.

We want to make sure that we have everything your kids need, so look out for great deals and the latest releases!