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Product Collections

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Rescued Toys

At The Kid Zone we search high and low for the best deals. We sometimes receive a shipment of product where the outside packaging might be slightly damaged but the product certainly not! We do make sure that the product we send you is of the best that we have sourced so you can be sure that you will still receive a SMILE from the little person you surprised:-)

Should an item warrant a disclaimer for damaged packaging, you will see this in the description.  If we have a "new" and "rescued" item of the same product, you will see "Res" in the title. 

Our aim is to make sure that as many kids as possible can have access to branded toys!

If an item's package is more damaged than we would like but we know someone out there would love it, we will always let you know what the level of damage is and usually the great discount also reflects this.

The packaging has minimal damage, but because we get the great discounts so we pass it on to you. Most of the time product packaging is perfect but we get a great deals from our suppliers and we pass it on to you:-)

We have different avenues of getting stock and the one is clearing out supplier showrooms where they have items that they have showed many retailers but but did not get onto the shelves, these items are production samples of other country's mass production. We buy up these items as "limited Edition stock" so people can get the opportunity to get toys that they would not get in any retail store in SA.

Please also be advised that these amazing deals have limited stock and can not be repeated or sourced should you have missed out.

Level Of Packaging Damage

  • Damaged

  • Least Damaged

Latest Releases

We also stock latest releases and often we get deals from our supplier on "end of range" items.  These items have no damaged packaging and are the same quality that you would get in a normal retail environment.  Unfortunately we can't always discount these toys but when we can you will definitely see the saving.

We want to make sure that we have everything your kids need, so look out for great deals and the latest releases!

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