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The Toy Box

There are many toys out there that are forgotten about or left in a dark corner somewhere in a warehouse because the box they were packaged in has been damaged

At The Kid Zone, we want to give all toys an opportunity to have a home and find a friend. We will look for all these neglected toys and if they just need a new box to make them look sellable, we will make sure that this happens and whoever comes across them on our site and decides to give them a home, they will also be surprised with the saving they make a well.

Important Notice:

• All defects and details of the toys in the "Toy Box" are stated on the product page.

• These toys will be sold at very low retail prices (Recommended Retails prices will always be displayed) and therefore are not refunded or returned, excludes electronic toys or devices and games associated.

• Should you buy any electronic toys, electronic devices or games associated with an electronic device, you will have 7days to exchange or be refunded. You can email us at: support@thekidzone.co.za

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