Rewards/Vouchers promotions/Deal claims/Sales

Please note:

Secret & Surprise Sales:

The Down Low

  1. Duplicates of items are always avoided, but sometimes cannot be.  The quicker you order the less chance of getting a duplicate!
  4. Lessons learnt from the last sale, so hopefully we will have 100% happy customers.
  5. We do not reserve stock and stock is not reserved in your cart.  FASTEST FINGERS FIRST!
  6. Orders might take a day or two longer to get to you, BUT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT!!
  7. Deals:  We work on a fastest fingers first policy.  If you are not fast enough for the deal, you will miss out.  If the deals can not be found on the site we you click through, it has been sold out.
  8. NOTE:  Normal delivery time DO NOT apply for our secret sale due to the volume of orders that we have to send out.  Orders can take up to 10 working days to be delivered. The wait will be worth it!
  9. Please read up on us should you be a new customer:  Read HERE

Facts About The SECRET SALE

1.    Over 1000 orders in less than 30 min

2.    Over 15 000u of toys sold less than 30min

3.    We tried to please everyone but sadly we could not 

    impress less than 1% of the customers that participated in the sale.

4.    95% of orders were delivered in no more than 10 working days

Vouchers/free gifts

  • VOUCHERS and CLAIMS can not be used at the same time.
  • Vouchers are allocated to one email address only
  • If a VOUCHER code does not work, you can assume that all vouchers have been issued and you did not have the fastest fingers.
  • If your order cancels and payment was not received in the 48hrs given, your order will not replaced and you will be refunded the amount of the order in the form of a gift card.  The voucher code will not be valid to be used again.
  • VOUCHERS are valid for the a period of time and will not be issued after the time has expired.
  • Delivery T&C's ALWAYS apply to voucher codes. 
  • "Min Spend" on vouchers will ALWAYS be R200 unless specified otherwise.
  • FREE GIFTS are applied to a total basket spend:

Any extra free items add to baskets will not be dispatched (One per order)

Any customers that remove their paid item from their basket to only receive free item will be refunded a GIFT CARD and NO order will be dispatched.



  • Fastest Fingers First gets you the deals.  
  • Regardless of the amount of items we put on a deals, when it's sold out, it's sold out.  You have to be quick, very quick to get the deal!