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20 Second Showdown - Thekidzone SALE
20 Second Showdown - Thekidzone SALE
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20 Second Showdown

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20-Second Showdown: a fun family game with two teams and one massive timer.

Get ready for the fastest family party game in town. All over the world, teams have been competing in one legendary event. Now, it’s time for you and your family to step into the arena and see what you’re made of.  Inside this fun family game, there are 400 different challenges to take on – and each one is even more ridiculous than the last. With cards ranging from “find a plant and hug it” to “shout out 5 characters from the Simpsons”, we’ve made sure that there’s something for everyone in this party game for children, teenagers and adults alike… which means you better be ready for anything! So clear a space in your family party games cupboard, assemble everyone around the table and get ready for an ultimate showdown. the game can be played by 5-20 people, and like all games for 10 year olds (and up), the rules are super-simple: split into two teams, flip the timer and have the referee read out a challenge card for the first team. Once that team completes the challenge, the referee turns the timer upside down and reads out a challenge for the other team. Keep going back and forth, with different players completing challenges for their team. The first team to run out of time loses the round, and must reset the timer) whilst the other team celebrate).
The first team to win three rounds are the winners!