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Akedo Deluxe Controller

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There are 42 new Warrior Battling Warriors to collect. Ready! Fight! Split Strike!

Power Up The Battle: Power Up your battle and unleash the power of the storm with the Legends of Akedo Powerstorm Mega Strike Controller with Elemental Punch Action! This is the ultimate Controller! Bigger, Better, Stronger. The power of the elements is at your fingertips with this awesome battling device!
Control The Elements.: The power of the elements is in your child’s hands! First, they choose their Elemental power. There are 4 Element Attack pieces in this Pack. Then they attach the Element to the Mega Strike Controller and unleash a Powerstorm! What is the best element to beat the opponent? Make the right decision and feel the power!
Build Up The Power: As the player pulls the trigger to battle, they will build up their power! The Power Gauge on the Controller will start to build up and increase in power. Once full Power Mode is reached, you can push the button on top to unleash a massive Mega Strike to take out their opponent!​ SPLIT STRIKE!
Exclusive Warrior: The Mega Strike Controller includes an Exclusive Fire Strike Chux Turbo Battling Warrior, only available in this Pack. With his powerful fists of flame, he strikes as fast as fire! But Fire is not the only element he has to play with!
Choose the Element Power: The Mega Strike Controller allows kids to choose the Powerstorm element that they want to use in their Mega Strike! There are four Elements Attack Pieces to choose from – Lightning, Earth, water and Fire! The player can choose their Element and attach it to the Controller. Can any Warrior withstand the Mega Strike?