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Baby Born Comfort Seat

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BABY born, the little adventurer, has dropped off to sleep in her mummy’s arms during a walk in the park. So many new things to see – it’s lucky that mummy and daddy have her comfort seat with them. It is so comfortable for BABY born to sleep in and the practical Z-shaped handle makes it easy to carry. Let’s take BABY born out for a day of giggles and games! In the Comfort Seat, it’s easy – simply strap them with a couple of clicks and carry them out the door! Even if you don’t go very far, there’s a world of adventure in this seat alone. In sunshine yellow and delicate lilac, it’s lovingly designed to stimulate little minds for a fun imaginative playtime. A fun pendant to grab to keep BABY born entertained all day! High-quality accessories for the BABY born branded doll for enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play. Also suitable for smaller dolls.