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Baby Born Complete Wardrope Bundle

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Prepare to delight your little one with a world of endless imaginative play and nurturing experiences. Our Baby Born Product Bundle is a carefully curated assortment of must-have items that will bring joy, comfort, and fun to your child's playtime. With a wide range of outfits and accessories, this bundle is the perfect addition to your child's Baby Born collection.

Here's what you'll find inside:

1x Baby Born Magic Jeans Girl Doll

Meet your new best friend, the Baby Born Magic Jeans Girl Doll! With her lifelike features and adorable outfit, she's ready to be your child's companion for all sorts of adventures.

1x Baby Born Weather Duck Wardrobe

Keep your doll's outfits organized and stylish with the Weather Duck Wardrobe. This charming closet is perfect for storing all the fabulous clothes included in this bundle.

1x Baby Born Py-Jamas With Shoes

Bedtime is more fun with these cozy pyjamas and matching shoes for your doll. Get ready for sweet dreams and slumber parties!

1x Baby Born Romper (Design Supplied May Vary From Image)

Dress up your doll in style with a cute romper. Please note that the design may vary, adding an element of surprise to your doll's wardrobe.

1x Baby Born Bathrobe (Design Supplied May Vary From Image)

Make bath time extra special with a soft and cozy bathrobe for your Baby Born doll. The design of the robe may vary, making each bath a new adventure.

1x Baby Born Underwear (Design Supplied May Vary From Image)

Even dolls need underwear! Your Baby Born doll can now stay comfortable all day long with these adorable undies. Please note that the design may vary.

1x Pair of Baby Born Socks (Design Supplied May Vary From Image)

Keep your doll's feet warm and fashionable with a pair of socks. Just like the rest of the bundle, the design of these socks may surprise and delight your child.

With this bundle, your child can dress their Baby Born doll for any occasion, from bedtime to bath time and everything in between. Each item is designed for maximum playtime enjoyment and fosters creativity and nurturing. Plus, with design variations, every day can be a new adventure.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to enhance your child's playtime with the Baby Born Product Bundle. Order now and watch your child's imagination soar!