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Barbie™ Barbie Noodle Bar (Blonde hair)

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Explore a world of noodle-making fun with the Barbie® Noodle Bar Playset! If you love cooking, then you can be a noodle maker!

The Barbie® Noodle Bar Playset includes Barbie® doll wearing a  professional outfit with a cute food-inspired graphic, a noodle-making workstation and accessories. To make the noodles, take the white dough from one container (the other container has green dough) and put the white dough in the hole in the middle of the workstation. Then slide the noodle bowl with lid over the hole and push the sideboard down and watch the noodles magically appear in the bowl! So fun! Now it's time to add some veggies, so take the green dough and put it in the mold on the other side of the workstation and push the top down. Open it and you have broccoli! You can trim the excess dough with the play knife, and then cut the broccoli into pieces and add it to the noodles! Barbie® doll is ready to share with friends and she has an extra bowl and 2 pairs of chopsticks. Yum, these are the best noodles ever!

The Barbie® Noodle Bar Playset comes with:

  • Barbie® doll, noodle workstation
  • 2 containers of dough (white and green)
  • play knife
  • 2 pairs of chopsticks.

Doll cannot stand alone.

Colors and decorations may vary.

For ages 4 and up.

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