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Barbie™ Dreamtopia Color Magic Mermaid Doll (Crayola)

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Barbie Dreamtopia Color Magic Mermaid Doll comes with washable Crayola color wands that can be used to decorate Barbie doll's bodice, tail and fin over and over again! Simply erase one drawing using the rainbow-colored cloth and start again. With three different colored Crayola color wands -- pink, purple and blue -- there are so many possibilities. Draw patterns, hearts, squiggles and so much more using one, two or all three colors! Barbie mermaid doll's simple and beautiful look inspires kids to explore their creativity and express their own style. Her white bodice and tail are accented with colorful touches including rainbows at her waist and stars on her tail. Accessorize with a blue necklace and pink tiara for her purple-streaked blonde hair. It's so easy, young creatives can dive right into endless fun because when you enter Dreamtopia with sisters Barbie and Chelsea, you wake up to a world where dreams become reality! Collect all the Barbie Dreamtopia dolls and toys and let your dreams set sail (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Barbie mermaid doll with color-on bodice, tail and fin; three Crayola washable color wands, rainbow wipe cloth and tiara. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Dive into design with Barbie and Crayola -the Barbie Dreamtopia Color Magic Mermaid doll has a bodice, tail and fins meant to be colored on with the included Crayola washable color wands!
  • Three different Crayola color wands mean endless possibilities for customization -choose from pink, blue and purple; use one or all three!
  • To start a new look, use the included cloth (with a rainbow print) to wipe a design away and create a clean slate -draw a pattern, unique design or cool graphic and color in
  • Accessorize with the pink tiara and blue sea-inspired necklace for fantasy finishing touches; they look fabulous with her purple-streaked blonde hair!
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