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Barbie On the Go Dolls Asst

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Cars and powered scooters can really drive alone! Just press a button that resembles a license plate, which is located on the back of each vehicle! The power-driven wheels allow driving on any flat surface. And, of course, they perfectly match the fun sets and tracks available in the On The Go series (sold separately). The moving heads of small dolls give them character. Choose from cute convertibles and sports scooters with vivid colors, the style of which is emphasized by colorful stickers and silvery wheels.

Barbie ™ On The Go dolls   easily fit into the seats. Bent hips and knees allow the dolls to sit, and the hook at each scooter keeps the doll in place. Each little doll is dressed in a unique outfit with a removable accessory matching the vehicle. Cabriolet drivers have sunglasses, and scooter drivers - helmets. Dolls' clothes are distinguished by vivid colors as well as fashionable motifs and prints. The 10 cm Barbie ™ On The Go mini dolls are designed for great imagination. Young dreamers will easily play a lot of fantastic stories and let dreams unfold their wings together with these dolls and driving vehicles.

Collect all Barbie ™ On The Go toys and accessories to develop the fun, because with Barbie® you can be who you want (sold separately). The price is for one set.

Kit contents:

  • approx. 10 cm doll with removable accessory
  • vehicle powered by a battery
  • Suitable for ages 4 years and older

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