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Batman Batcylce With 2 Figurines - Thekidzone
SKU: SM-6055934

Batman Batcylce With 2 Figurines

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Face off against Bane with Batman and the Moto-Tank! When it's time for a showdown in Gotham City, mount Batman onto the Moto-Tank and speed on to defend against Bane. Featuring blue Bat-Tech accents on the vehicle and its treads, the powerful Moto-Tank is equipped to take down the Batman Super-Villain! Use your imagination to create your own Batman vs. Bane missions! Team up with Batman in an epic battle against Bane with the Batman Moto-Tank!Half tank, half motorcycle, this awesome vehicle is ready to battle Bane! Equipped with blue Bat-Tech treads and details and a wing sculpt in the rear, the Moto-Tank is unstoppable! Use your imagination to play out your own Batman vs. Bane battles!The Batman vs. Bane Moto-Tank makes a great gift for kids and collectors aged 4 and up. Take down Bane with Batman and the Moto-Tank!This set includes Bane and an exclusive Batman! Each detailed 4-inch action figure has Bat-Tech styling and 11 (Batman) or 7 (Bane) points of articulation for action poses!