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Little Live Bizzy Bubs Dolls Asst

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Meet one of the cutest babies around! Bizzy Bubs baby is on the go! This baby is way too busy for bedtime! They can't wait to play and show your little one what they can do. Watch them bounce, babble, crawl and play the day away! Playdates have never been so much fun. Bizzy Bubs are bundles of joy that are just full of life!

  • Doll measures approximately 14 cm in length.
  • Suitable for 5+ years
  • Includes only 1 baby doll
  • Contains a baby doll and accessories
  • Walks and talks like a real baby
  • Batteries included
  • Primmy crawls and talks
  • Polly Petals and Snowbeam walk and talk.
  • Doll measures approximately 14 cm in length.

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