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Elektrokidz Music Series Lyric Figurines Dance To Music Beats- Dancing Hair- Wireless Collectable by WowWee®. Elektrokidz United By The Beat!.Elektrokidz are the first ever music-inspired figurines that dance to the beat of the music you are listening to! Each series has six unique Elektrokidz that come in different finishes, colors, and patterns. Each comes with their own stylized accessory. Each Elektrokidz also has its own special hair movement that dances to the beat and no two Elektrokidz hair dance the same way, so collect them all for a complete party! Features:. Dancing Hair Beat Detection picks up lowest and/or loudest frequency and moves hair to that beat No wires no connectivity, it simply listens for the music Sunglass or Headphone Accessories Included Age: 6+ Batteries: 4 x LR44 (Included) Batteries: 4 x LR44 + 4 x LR44

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