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Fisher-Price Baby Bear & Firefly Soother, Nursery Sound Machine

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The Fisher-Price Baby Bear & Firefly Soother starts as a tabletop sound machine for your nursery with customizable music, sounds, twinkling lights or overhead light projection to help settle your baby for sleep. As your baby grows, the cuddly plush bear detaches for snuggle time while the take-along lantern becomes a comforting nightlight for toddlers. Don’t worry, Bear, the fireflies will light the way!

​Tabletop light-up sound machine that grows with baby from newborn to toddler.
​Sleep expert-approved Ready, Settle, Sleep playlist of gentle music, sounds and lights helps baby fall and stay asleep.
​Lantern’s twinkling lights and light projection options becomes comforting nightlight for toddlers.
​Snuggly plush bear toy detaches from lantern for take-along cuddles.
​For use from newborn baby and beyond.

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