Greenex D.I.Y Scientific Robot

Greenex demonstrates how to create fun electronic kits that run on renewable power sources. No soldering or glue is required. The Greenex kit encourages environmentally friendly electronics, demonstrating alternative power sources in a fun and exciting way.

Create your own robot that can travel backwards as well as forwards and move its arms. The direction is decided by a number of things - see if you can discover them all. With 29 pieces this is a fun kit to make and play with. Connect to the environment with no need to use batteries - harness the power of the sun or make your own energy through movement.

The robot is powered by either a solar panel or a hand generator. Solar power gathers energy from light and uses it to excite electrons in the panel to produce energy which makes the robot move. The hand power generator is a dynamo, a device that uses kinetic (movement) energy to induce electricity. Turn the generator one way to move the robot forwards and the other to reverse. Both of these power supplies produce direct current (DC) power which has a constant polarity. This means you can make the robot reverse by turning the hand generator in the opposite direction or change over the wire of the solar panel.

- Make an amazing D.I.Y wheeled robot 
- Have fun building and running your robot - use solar power or hand crank to power
- Learn about energy, solar power and dynamos 
- With 29 parts there's plenty of fun to be had in constructing the kit
- Suitable for children ages 8 years and older

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