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Hatchimals Colleggtibles Secret Surprise

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  • Ultimate unboxing experience: The Hatchimals colleggtibles secret surprise playset is an unboxing fan’s dream! With 3 layers of hidden surprises, there’s so much to hatch and discover. You won’t know which theme you’re getting until you start hatching!
  • So many surprises to discover: Hidden inside 3 layers of the egg, you can hatch and discover 3 exclusive Hatchimals colleggtibles characters, a sticker sheet, papercraft decorations and 3 unique peel-and-reveal accessories for complete storytelling.
  • Storytelling play: Once you’ve hatched all of the surprises, decorate your scene and bring your theme to life. The papercraft decorations, characters’ poses and accessories make it a fun way to display and play with your Hatchimals colleggtibles.
  • The Hatchimals colleggtibles secret surprise playset is a great gift for kids aged 5 and up. Hatch, discover and collect all of the secret surprise playsets and add them to your collection.

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