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Hatchimals Colleggtibles Unbox Mystery Wheel

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Discover the ultimate unboxing experience: the hatchimals colleggtibles crazy mystery wheel! inspired by ferris wheels, this adorable themed mystery wheel is a fun and unique way to unbox your hatchimals colleggtibles. spin the wheel to begin! with eight hidden numbered spaces on the box and a special reveal door at the bottom of the mystery wheel, spin until you find the first clue in the door. Use the included checklist to guide you through your unboxing. peel open the spaces in numerical order to find out what’s inside! unbox six exclusive colleggtibles characters, three pets, 11 accessories (like a charm bracelet you can wear), stickers and a hatchtopia life code to use in the free app (compatible with ios and android devices). When you’ve uncovered all of your mystery wheel’s clues and you’re finished playing with your new characters, keep your mystery wheel to store your characters, or play again and again! for more unboxing fun, add the puppy party mystery wheel to your collection (sold separately)! spin and find the clues with the hatchimals colleggtibles crazy mystery wheel!

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