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The new collectible line from spinmaster, hatchimals hatchibuddies, offer the same collectability as hatchimals colleggtibles except they're soft, stuffed toys. Each one comes in a 7-inch speckled egg with a soft plush purple heart on the front. Remove the top of the egg to reveal which animal is inside. Season 1 includes 24 hatchibuddies in the line to collect. All the names, and pictures can all be found on the included collector's guide. There are all different animals, and species; some common, rare, ultra rare, and limited edition. Each hatchibuddy measures 5.5-inches, features large sparkly eyes, and can sit on its own. These don't feature the interactivity that the original hatchimals have but they are fun for cuddling, collecting, and imaginative play. Each is sold separately.

Please Note: Blind Box or Blind Packaged means you don't know which specific design from a series you might be receiving. The boxes and/or bags are sealed and we don't know which toy is inside them.

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