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SKU: 32218126778506

Intex 1-1/4' Pool Inlet Jet Nozzle

Compatible with: 26165EH, 26167EH, 26183MW, 26191CA, 26191EH, 26309EH, 26343EH, 26719MW, 26719W, 26733EH, 26735EH, 26763EH, 26777CA, 26777EH, 26777W, 28111, 28111CA, 28111EH, 28121, 28121EH, 28125EH, 28131CA, 28131EH, 28141EH, 28157EH, 28201, 28201EH, 28211, 28211CA, 28211EH, 28233CA, 28241EH, 28601EG, 28603EG, 286...

Code: 12364

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