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SKU: 32124117581962

Intex Ceramic Bar For #638 Motor

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Compatible with 28165BR, 28165EH, 28166AG, 28166BR, 28166CC, 28166FR, 28166GN, 28166KR, 28166NP, 28166SD, 28166SZ, 28166UK, 28167BR, 28167EH, 28168BR, 28168CC, 28168FR, 28168GN, 28168NP, 28168SZ, 28168UK, 28183MW, 28191BR, 28191CA, 28191EH, 28192AG, 28192BR, 28192FR, 28192GN, 28192KR, 28192NP, 28192UK, 28226FR, 28232FS, 28233BR, 28233EH, 28233YW

Code: 10833

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