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SKU: 32173003505802

Intex Ceramic Bar for Motor 635T/636T

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Diameter approx. 4 mm. Length approx. 90 mm

Compatible with: 28175BR, 28175EH, 28176AG, 28176BR, 28176CC, 28176GN, 28176NP, 28176SZ, 28176UK, 28193BR, 28193EH, 28194BR, 28194GN, 28194N2, 28251BR, 28251BR, 28251BR, 28251BR, 28251BR, 28251BR , 28252UK, 28321BR, 28321EH, 28322GN, 28322IS, 28322NP, 28322SF, 28322UK, 28635BR, 28635EG, 28636, 28636BR, 28636BS, 28636FR, 28636GS, 28636IS, 28636SF, 28636SW


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