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Intex Strainer Hole Plug for <=16' AGP Pool

Intex hole plug for use with all Intex pools and Sand N Sun pools by Intex that are 16 ft in diameter or under. Used inside strainer assembly to plug the hole that allows water to pass through hoses and to the filter pumps. Ideal for changing filter cartridges, hoses and etc. Genuine Intex replacement part number 10127. Compatible with: 28101E, 28101EH, 28110EH, 28111EH, 28120EH, 28121EH, 28124EH, 28125EH, 28130EH, 28131EH, 28134EH, 28135EH, 28144EH, 28145EH, 28160EH, 28161EH, 28163EH, 28165EH, 28167EH, 28175EH, 28181K, 28191EH, 28193EH, 28200EH, 28201EH, 28210EH, 28211EH, 28229T, 28231EH, 28233EH, 28235EH, 28237PP, 28270EH, 28271...

Code: 10127


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