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Leapfrog Fridge Numbers

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Get ready for a feast of number and counting learning fun with LeapFrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Number Set for little picnickers. Help Scout pack a picnic lunch with 20 singing and talking number and food tiles that serve as entries to learning early math skills, colours and food groups. Place a food tile in Scout's picnic basket to hear the number and count along with Scout - "One-Two! Two carrots! Look for the number two. Then press the music note button to hear Scout sing a number song chock full of cuteness!

Matching numbers to corresponding food tiles reinforces number learning and teaches the critical notion that they're more than symbols they represent quantities. Place a food tile in the basket to hear colours, counting and a helping of fun phrases like How do you make a strawberry shake, You put it in the freezer! And Strawberries are a fruit! Can you find another fruit, Features: - Get an early start on numbers and counting - 20 interactive number and food tiles and tile reader that stick to magnetic surfaces - Press tiles to count along with Scout or a music button to hear fun songs Matching numbers to food sets teaches they represent quantities , Teaches numbers and counting, colours and matching.

- 10 food tiles
- 10 number tiles for matching play
- 20 singing and talking number and food tiles 
- Suitable for ages 3 years and older
- Requires three AAA batteries to operate (not included)

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