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LeapFrog Leaping Letters

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Make learning a blast with Leaping Letters. Designed with kids ages 3-6 in mind, there are plenty of ways to play for fast-action alphabet learning fun. Kids race against the clock to put all the letter pieces in their spots before time runs out and they all go POP! Leaping Letters comes with everything kids need to match letters, explore the alphabet and build fine motor skills.

 Put alphabet skills to the test with an adjustable timer that allows all ages to get in on the fun. Change up the level of difficulty easily with colour-coded letter pieces that let kids progress to using all 26 letters of the alphabet when they’re ready. Advance to word building and start forming words with add-on activity cards that make beating the clock an exciting challenge.

• Race against the clock and learn the alphabet as it builds matching and fine motor skills

• An adjustable timer allows all ages to play

• The 26 letters are colour coded to provide different levels of difficulty

• Extra add-on activity cards for advanced, fast-action, word-building fun

• Play solo or with a friend

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