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Lego Creator Space Rover Explorer 31107

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Adventure awaits young space explorers with the LEGO Creator 3in1 Space Rover Explorer (31107) playset. Kids will love driving around the detailed toy rover with a cockpit, lab / living area, working crane boom and suspension, plus a small robot with pose able arms, build able alien figure and an astronaut minifigure for imaginative play. 

Creative fun among the stars Kids get 3 different build and play experiences with this LEGO Creator 3in1 toy set. They can first build the Space Rover Explorer and then rebuild it into a space base with a smaller alien or a spaceship. Of course they can also give shape to their own ideas and build something completely new. Limitless creative modeling and fun LEGO Creator 3in1 sets provide children with a variety of detailed and realistic models that encourage imaginative play. The models offer endless possibilities to build and play, while stimulating the creativity of children of all ages. In addition, the inspiring sets make great gifts for a birthday or the holidays.

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