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Lego Friends Beach House 41428

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Let little builders ride the wave of summer adventure fun with the LEGO Friends Beach House (41428). This brick-built beach house is filled with kit to help youngsters get absorbed in summer holiday play. Kids can pretend to make a burger in the kitchen, pedal the paddle boat, ride the surfboard toy or stop a cheeky crab from stealing their toy camera.  Sunset sounds This 444-piece set really crams in the fun. There's an outside shower and a bathroom where the girls can prepare to party. The roof flips up to reveal a DJ terrace complete with speakers, lights and a keyboard. Kids can imagine dancing the night away with friends at a cool beach party. After all that fun there’s a cosy bedroom, which comes with 2 bunks and a desk for the girls to get comfy in at night.  Join the LEGO Friends party Introduce kids to the world of LEGO Friends. Let them explore their interests and passions with Olivia, Mia, Stephanie, Emma and Andrea. They're guaranteed to find a friend who's ‘just like them’.

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