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Little Tikes - 8-In-1 Playground - Natural

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This outdoor climber lets you have a full size jungle gym in your own backyard! The large sliding board and smaller kids slide let everyone play together. The unique design can be configured in eight different ways with climbing platforms, tunnels and plenty of places to climb, hide, and crawl. 175Lx45Wx65D".

Over 10 feet long from end to end--with portholes, doors, ladders, slides, nooks, and crannies galore--this molded-plastic playground promises years, if not decades, of entertainment before all of its possibilities can be exhausted. A 2-foot-long climb-through tunnel connects two separate, open-topped towers (one is 4.5 feet tall, the other 5.5). The shorter tower has a swinging door and windows, the larger one has two separate levels and two smooth-plastic slides (one is 3 feet long, the other 4). It's the perfect investment for bigger and smaller kids to play with together. But best of all, the playground can be disassembled and rebuilt into eight different configurations whenever the current setup loses its charm. With Little Tikes' typical rock-solid, kid-friendly construction, you can bet this sturdy playground will be around long enough for that to happen. 

 Recommended for ages 2 to 8

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