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Matchbox UK Vehicles Assortment, English-Themed Cars

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The Matchbox UK Vehicles Assortment 1:64 scale United Kingdom-themed collection of cars celebrates British vehicles of the past and present. Kids can drive their own adventure through the English countryside or around Big Ben, maybe stopping for a spot of tea along the way. The line includes iconic vehicles and designs seen on the roads across Great Britain. It's an awesome gift for kids 3 years and older and also for the collector who wants to expand their worldly assortment of cars. Colors and decorations may vary.

​The Matchbox UK Vehicles Assortment collection features iconic English-themed vehicles.
​Kids drive their adventures through Great Britain with a car that features the realism and detail akin to the Matchbox brand.
​Each car has its own story with decos that celebrate the British culture.
​Classic push-around car play encourages creativity and more storytelling.
​Kids 3 and older and avid collectors will love the diverse range of vehicles and enhanced detail found on each one.

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