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Monsuno Battle Bandolier Storm

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Meteors fell to the planet. These meteors carried LIFE - in the form of powerful, chaotic, uncontrollable genetic material.

This was MONSUNO; origins unknown, but catastrophically destructive to the planet's prehistoric population. As the dinosaurs perished, the uninvited Monsuno essence fell instinctively dormant - and over millions of years, dropped deeper and deeper below the planet's surface.. Until TODAY.

When a potent energy source is discovered in the K-layers of the planet, scientist Jeredy Suno believes he's struck a solution to the ever-mounting energy crisis. What he doesn't know - this green energy source is a ticking time bomb.

Can it be controlled?

Get into the thick of battle with the Monsuno Battle Bandolier Belt.

Each battle-ready Monsuno Bandolier Belt has space for up to 6 Cores and 30 Cards .

Looking to take your battle skills to the next level? Want to ensure that Earth doesn't fall victim to the evil Dr. Klipse and Commandant Charlemagne's STORM? Equip your Monsuno Battle Bandolier Belt with your favorite Cores and be just like Chase, Bren, Jinja, and the rest of Core-Tech!

Suitable for ages 4 and above

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