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My Little Pony the Movie Guardians of Harmony Pirate Playset

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The guardians of the Elements of Harmony are ready for an adventure at sea, and, shiver me timbers, they're meeting pirate pals along the way! Aye, inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie, Applejack is dressed in a pirate outfit with sword accessory and captain's hat while Boyle is a swashbuckling pirate parrot!

Applejack comes with a glider accessory for imagining stories as a pilot. Push the glider's button to watch its wings flap and send its propeller spinning. This Applejack figure has 8 points of articulation for fun pirate pony poses. 

Boyle comes with an anchor, ship's wheel, drill and hammer attachments. Attach 1 of the 4 accessories to his arm, and then squeeze his legs together to watch it spin.

Create exciting stories or act out favorite, action-packed scenes from the movie!


Each sold separately

Girls 4+

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