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Nickelodeon Sludge And Slime

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Create multiplying slime balls, scary slimy snakes, an invisible monster, and monster blood and bogies.

What's in the box
1X Pair Of Protective Gloves
1X Pair Of Protective Goggles
300Grams Cornflour
2Grams Sodium Alginate In 120Ml Bottle
10Ml Green Food Coloring
10Ml Red Food Coloring
5Grams Calcium Chloride
1X Monster Mould
1X Large Measuring Cup
2X Small Measuring Cups With Lids
3X Pipettes
2X Wooden Spatulas
1X Plastic Box
2X Test Tubes With Lids
1X Pot With Lid
1X Educational Booklet With Safety Information

Suitable for ages 8 years and older.

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