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Num Noms Art Cart

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Transport yourself to the deliciously fragrant world of the Num Noms with the Num Noms Art Cart! Draw and create using the special creative Num Noms included in the set, giving your drawings that extra special touch with the exclusive Caramel Stamp-It Num Nom. Load all your adorable Num Noms onto the food cart and watch as its wheels really spin when it’s pushed! Bounce Pip, Pup and Pop Corn in the popcorn machine when they’re not in, using them as rubbers when it’s time to be creative. The Cotton Candy Eraser Num Nom fits on top of her scented pink pencil, but can be used with any of the pencils in your pencil case!

 The Num Noms Art Cart set includes a ruler, a stencil, a scented ink pad, a Caramel Stamp-it, 3x Pop Corn erasers, a scented pencil and a Cotton Candy eraser pencil topper.

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