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Num Noms Series 1 - Scented 4-Pack

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Mix and match Num Noms to create sweet, scented recipes! Collect over 60 flavors!

  • Nums are adorable, scented, squishy characters with tons of personality. Noms are motorized mischeivous characters that move around, they're scented too! Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make over 1,000 sweet scented combinations.
  • The Neapolitan Ice Cream pack includes 3 sweet smelling Nums: vanilla, carmel and strawberry
  • The Banana Split Ice Cream pack includes 3 sweet smelling Nums: banana, mint and chocolate
  • The Triple Berry Cupcake pack includes 3 sweet smelling Nums: vanilla, strawberry and blueberry
  • The Confetti Surprise Cupcake pack includes 3 special edition sweet smelling Nums: red velvet, birthday cake and chocolate
  • Product Features:
  • Series 1: Ice Cream and Cupcake
  • 3 scented Nums in a variety of flavors - vanilla, caramel and strawberry
  • 1 chocolate scented motorized Nom
  • Includes all the Num Noms needed to create the Neapolitan Ice Cream recipe
  • Includes collector's menu, ice cream cone, and spoon to scoop ‘em up
  • 1,000+ mix & match combos! Sample them all!
  • Ages: 3+ years

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