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Original Rummikub With a Twist

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Original Rummikub With a Twist-Fusing a fresh and contemporary twist into the traditional game of Rummikub-Aim of the Game: Compete to be the first to succeed in the playing out all of the tiles. Go Wild with this Cool collection of Jokes adding excitement to strategy and fun.

This popular family game is now available in the brand new edition Rummikub with a Twist with three new jokers. The new game is a strategic and dynamic. Who can put all 14 pieces first and put the ball colour change, mirror or double-Joker, with the new jokers the strategy game offers even more fun and excitement, as classic for a sociable games lap Rummikub has established. 

The game play is easy to understand and the delightful mix of luck and strategy game scored in all generations. Task is to store 14 number tiles in groups or rows. The first player has no more tokens wins. Also, a good strategy is needed, as the remaining pieces incorporated to the boards of the other players in the general classification. The great feature in Rummikub with a Twist, the three new Joker. Colour-Joker: This Joker changes the colour of the tiles mirror - Joker: this joker can be counted down. Double Joker: this Joker replaces two tiles.

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