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Paw Patrol – New Mighty Pups Lookout Tower Playset

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  • Lookout tower manufacturing high quality, safe, certified materials.
  • It has large sizes (more than 80 cm in height) and a lot of playing areas.
  • Interactive, light and musical effects. You can enjoy all the effects of the Paw Patrol show.
  • Multifunctional center at the top of the tower for all puppies.
  • Find your mission with a rotating periscope!
  • Get new missions. Turn on serena in the main center. Rather, lift all the puppies on the elevator. Click on the button with a bone and the Tower itself will choose who will go to Patrol!
  • Pull down the puppy in a long zipline and sit right in his car! Next thing for the launcher. Click on the button and Mighty Pups will go on missions
  • SM-6053407

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