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Play-Doh Vinci Style & Store Vanity

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Keep your bedroom a little more organized. The customizable Style and Store Vanity kit has a drawer for some of your favourite things. Create colourful designs on the different pieces of the vanity using your Styler tool and the 4 included Deco Pop colours. Try using the Styler to write your name on the drawer. When you're done, let the compound harden overnight, then put it all together and store your jewellery, notes, and even Doh Vinci supplies into the drawer. 

This complete kit also includes a specialty tip that you can screw onto the Deco Pop tube to squeeze out cool wavy lines. Press the stamping end of the sculpting tool into your design to add shapes, and use the other end to move or cut your lines just the way you want them. You can also use the design compound as an adhesive to attach the extra add-on pieces and make this masterpiece truly your own. Don't forget to attach the spinning flower piece for an extra fun touch.

- Design in 3D with the modelling compound and tools in the Style & Store Vanity design kit
- Deco Pop tubes come in 4 different colours
- Easy to use Styler and specialty tip let you make different designs
- Includes inspiration guide
- Suitable for children 6 years and older
- Gender : Girls

What's in the box:
- Vanity base
- Drawer
- Mirror
- 2-piece flower attachment
- Add-on pieces
- Styler
- Design tip 
- Sculpting tool
- 4 Deco Pop tubes
- Inspiration guide

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