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Playmobil City Action Tactical Unit Truck 9360

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Tactical Unit Truck

The vehicle for the toughest action-packed operations! Switch on your lights and siren to alert others as you speed off on a mission.

The roof and windshield can be removed to seat one mini-figure in the cab and up to three in the interior of the vehicle.  The truck is equipped with a trailer hitch and a working front winch to help pull vehicles out of trouble. There is storage space for your gear behind the fold-down rear stairs.

This set includes one SWAT truck with satellite dish and aerial, three Playmobil mini-figures, protective gear, four guns, a video camera and many other accessories.

To extend your capabilities in high risk SWAT operations combine this set with the rest of the Playmobil City Action Tactical Unit theme (PM9361-9365 – sold separately).

Dimensions 33.5 x 15.5 x 15 cm (LxWxH)

1 X AAA Battery required

Recommended for ages 5+

Figures: 3 SWAT policemen Accessories: 1 SWAT truck, 1 satellite mast with satellite dish, 1 antenna, 1 protective shield, 1 fireman's axe, 3 pistols, 3 pistol holsters, 2 rapid fire rifles, 1 handcuff, 1 video camera, 1 megaphone, 1 balaclava, 1 helmet with visor, 1 headset, 1 pair of arm cuffs

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